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less emissions in the air.

FireWell is revolutionizing wood heating. Contribute now to clean air without particulate pollution.
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less particulate matter with FireWell
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Create a clean environment now

FireWell: Your contribution to a future with cleaner air and reduced health risks.

up to 25% particulate matter emissions

are produced by individual room heating units with wood burning.

over 300,000 medical cases.

in Europe are are linked to particulate matter exposure.

over 50% of the heating appliances.

will be subject to stricter regulations in the future.

FireWell revolutionizes heating

Through the integration of the FireWell additive, which enhances the combustion process, volatile components that constitute the bulk of fine dust emissions are retained in the ash. Subsequently, this ash is disposed of in the conventional manner. Concurrently, the FireWell app, by scrutinizing the flame's characteristics, guarantees optimal heating for the user during every phase of the burning process.


This is FireWell - innovative heating


Make a difference

A small ritual makes a significant difference for health and the environment.

For a better world

FireWell empowers you to shape a healthier future, fostering cleaner air and reducing illness.

Reduced particulate matter

Particulate matter emissions and carbon release are reduced by 90%

Easy to use

The ashes can simply be disposed of in the usual way - without any additional effort

Reduced particulate matter

PM-emissions can be reduced by more than 90%.

Easy to use

Simply add the additive to the ember bed and let it work.

make a difference

A small ritual makes a significant difference for health and the environment.

For a better world

Join us in our commitment to a more sustainable future and incorporate FireWell into your heating practices.

Our Mission: Less particulate matter

We see fireplaces as an important part of the heating transition. Climate-neutral heating and a sustainable fuel are compelling arguments, but the industry has fallen into disrepute due to pollutants.

FireWell Additive + App. The heating of the future

Discover FireWell, the additive for reducing PM emissions from wood-burning stoves. You can enjoy the cozy warmth and a crackling stove fire with the knowledge that less PM is being released compared to the usual - thanks to the innovative FireWell technology.

Our contribution
for the society

FireWell makes a significant contribution to the global Sustainable Development Goals.

This is important to us.

FireWell is committed to the environment and people's health because we believe that clean energy sources and environmentally friendly technologies promote the well-being of all.

Important topic

Particulate matter.

More particulate matter than traffic

More than eleven million fireplaces, pellet and tiled stoves in operation produce alarming levels of PM-emissions from burning wood. These emissions exceed the fine dust pollution from cars, trucks and buses combined and endanger our air quality and health.

Errors in wood burning

If there are errors in wood burning, such as improper heating combustion or lack of maintenance can result in a worrying 6.5-fold increase in particulate matter come, which puts considerable strain on the environment and the Health at risk.

Particulate matter is dangerous

PM2.5 and PM10 particles penetrate deep into our lungs and can cause cardiovascular disease, asthma and other respiratory diseases. According to the WHO, particulate matter is responsible for millions of deaths worldwide. An invisible but real risk.

Cooperations for a
better future

We value the cooperation with our existing partners, who contribute to our collective success. At the same time, we are always on the lookout for new cooperation opportunities to develop innovative partnerships and further strengthen our network.

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