The  Future  of heating.

We regard heating appliances as a crucial component of the thermal transition. Carbon-neutral heating and the use of sustainable fuels present strong cases; however, the industry has faced criticism due to its emissions of pollutants.
Harmful to the environment and no longer sustainable

Industry under the microscope

The wood stove industry is facing growing challenges that require an urgent solution to turn the corner in time. Traditional wood burning, although popular, contributes to air pollution and health problems as it emits significant amounts of particulate matter.
Stricter regulations
Over 70% of fireplaces are subject to
regulations that will be significantly tightened in the future
Polluted air
Up to 25% of PM emissions are caused by wood burning stoves
Respiratory diseases
Over 300,000 people in Europe suffer from particulate matter diseases
Innovations are missing
The wood stove industry has developed
too few innovations in recent years
The revolution in heating

FireWell additive

By adding a tablespoon of FireWell additive to the burning process, up to 90% of fine dust emissions can be reduced. In combination with the AI-supported app, FireWell offers a concept that offers the industry a future-proof solution.
A revolutionary product that is second to none

What makes FireWell different

Compared to many other products, FireWell addresses the problem directly. The additive operates directly on the fire and prevents the PM emissions from having to be intercepted at a later stage.developed It reduces the environmental impactand increases energy efficiency at the same time.
Pollutants are reduced
The use of FireWell means that significantly less pollutants are emitted into the environment. With just tablespoon, up to 90% can be reduced.
Simple application
By reducing fine PM emissions diseases can be prevented or the risk of illness is significantly minimized
Inexpensive & easy to dispose of
A major advantage is the cleaner and purer air for private homes, but also with regard to the environment as a whole. FireWell promotes sustainable heating.

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FireWell ecosystem

FireWell is just a first step on a long journey, which is why it is important for us to include all market participants. We invite you to become a part of this movement and work together on the problems of today and the future.

Our mission: Less particulate matter

Heat more efficiently with our AI-based app. Super simple application for more sustainability. Read more about how our free app works and how you can use it for yourself.

FireWell Additive + App. The heating of the future

Discover FireWell, the additive for reducing PM emissions from wood-burning stoves. You can enjoy the cozy warmth and a crackling stove fire with the knowledge that less PM is being released compared to the usual - thanks to the innovative FireWell technology..

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We believe in a future without particulate matter and with cleaner air. But such a big endeavor cannot be accomplished alone. We can achieve it together.

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