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The FireWell app helps you to use your stove efficiently and reduce fine particulate matter. By analyzing the flame pattern, it ensures that you always receive the right instructions at all times and therefore can heat in an optimal way. We also recommend the FireWell additive, which reduces 90% of harmful particulate matter during combustion.
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Our mission: Less particulate matter

We see fireplaces as an important part of the heating transition. Climate-neutral heating and sustainable fuel are compelling arguments, but the industry has fallen into disrepute due to pollutants.

FireWell Additive + App.
Heating of the future.

Discover FireWell, the additive for reducing PM emissions from wood-burning stoves. You can enjoy the cozy warmth and a crackling stove fire with the knowledge that less PM is being released compared to the usual - thanks to the innovative FireWell technology.

Breathe a sigh of relief again

We believe in a future without particulate matter and with cleaner air. But, we cannot big
accomplish such a huge endeavor alone. Together we can achieve this.

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