FireWell Additive
FireWell Additive
Effective and PM reduction and heating for a clean and sustainable environment

Firewell additive for less particulate matter

  • reduces PM by more than 50%

  • actively protects against respiratory diseases

  • for a cleaner environment

  • simple application

Available for delivery in 5-7 days
Developed in germany
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Why is PM so harmful?

Wood combustion is very harmful due to the increased production of particulate matter. The tiny particles that are released can penetrate deep into the respiratory tract and cause respiratory problems, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Product information

The additive consists of activated white clay based on naturally occurring clay minerals.

About FireWell

We believe in a future without particulate matter. That's why, with FireWell, we offer a concept that uses additives and the corresponding app to tackle the critical issues of reducing particulate matter in single-room heating systems. We support the user when it comes to heating correctly and effectively and at the same time manage to bind harmful substances with our additive. In this way, FireWell successfully reduces particulate matter and ensures clean air in the long term. 
Protection against PM
Breathe deeply again
Sustainably healthy
respiratory diseases
A safer environment
For a better feeling
while heating

Say goodbye,to
particulate matter while heating

Discover FireWell, the simplest solution to reducing particulate matter emissions when burning wood stoves. With the additive and app, you can enjoy cozy warmth and crackling fire without feeling guilty. So that your oven remains a part of your home, sustainably and cleanly, in the long term.

Carefree rest and regeneration

Many people are not aware that a significant amount of particulate matter is released when heating with wood. To ensure that you can continue to heat your home without any worries, we at FireWell make sure that PM emissions are no longer an issue. Protect your health and that of others with the additive and app.

Improper wood burning is dangerous

More than eleven million fireplaces produce more particulate emissions from burning wood than cars, trucks and buses combined. Reason enough to protect yourself. With FireWell you drastically reduce PM pollution and thus protect yourself and the health of others.

FireWell in numbers

We see fireplaces as an important part of the heating transition. Climate-neutral, sustainable and reduced in particulate matter with FireWell. Create a big impact with a small ritual. Make a difference for you and those around you.
  • Over 50 % less PM emissions only with our additive

  • Up to 90 % less PM emissions with additive and app
  • Up to 50 wood combustions possible with one pack


It is that simple

Use a tablespoon to take the appropriate amount of FireWell Additive out of the packaging and pour it into a cup or similar. Then distribute the contents of the cup evenly over the ember in the oven chamber. In this way, optimal conditions are created for fine dust binding by the additive. Repeat this process after each successful burn.


Your digital fire assistant

With the FireWell app, we guide you through the optimal firing process and support you in heating cost-effectively, sustainably and with reduced particulate matter. With the help of our AI-based flame pattern analysis, we can ensure that you are heating at the optimum level at all times.
Available for free on Google Play and Apple Store.

Topics about PM and wood combustion


More particulate matter than traffic

More than eleven million wood-burning stoves, pellet stoves and tiled stoves that are in operation produce alarming levels of particulate matter.

Errors while wood burning

Errors in the wood combustion process, such as improper combustion or lack of maintenance, can lead to an alarming increase in particulate matter.

Particulate matter is dangerous

Particulate matter is responsible for 53,000 premature deaths per year in Germany alone and there are 300,000 registered cases of the disease in Europe.

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